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Safety functions

AER designs and justifies components with high-levels of criticality. Its method relies on an analytical and experimental demonstrability. That's the core business of AER.

Its products are high-precision safety equipment like sensors, actuators and translators.

AER's approach to its products is based on original developments made possible by forward-thinking research and development and cutting-edge technology.

Examples: embedded space valve, tank with pyrotechnic opening device etc.


AER designs, develops and manufactures specific functions for embedded and/or confined systems.

Its broad range of products consists of :

  • pump and exchanger technologies (evaporators, condensers, controllers) ;
  • containment technolgy (metallic liner made of very thin titanium or steel foil, a fraction of a millimetre thick) ;
  • bellows technology consisting of welded completely sealed cups made of thin metal sheets.

AER is commited to an eco-design approach based on LCA methodology.


Speed measurement functions for aircraft air data

AER designs and justifies a set of equipment "air data system" alternative to the Pitot probes for determining the altitude, speed, Mach, the incident angle and the temperature of an aircraft. The measurement principles used are pneumatic or acoustic.

These devices have the advantage of very low sensitivity to the conditions of frost and heavy rain.


Vibrational energy harvesting functions for mini-sensors

AER designs and justify very low footprint sensors, very low power consumption (sub-milliwatt), intelligents, multi sizes, communicating, self-contained with a vibrational energy harvesting module.

This module is adaptable to any type of transducer, communication method and packaging for the clients applications.

AER designs, justifies and manufactures vibration dampers and shock absorbers, ring-type or metal inserts.

AER’s products are based on:

  • metallic layers ;
  • elastomers.

They have high levels of performance, reliability and quality.

Please contact us to see our catalogue for product details or to send us your technical requirements.

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